Perfect Liars - Hayley Erin

From one „dead“ girl to another..

Hayley Erin plays none other than Taylor Hotchkiss, one of two children from the influential Hotchkiss family.

Together with Chris Mason, who plays the part of her brother Nolan, we are able to welcome THE pair of power siblings to Perfect Liars Convention.

Without spoiling anything for you, Taylor Hotchkiss is probably one of the most interesting and mysterious characters from Pretty Little Liars - The Perfectionists. She not only has a very close bond with her brother Nolan, but she also connects with Alison. Maybe because the two of them share a lot more than just their beautiful, blonde hair... just wait and see 😉

Hayley already has a lot of acting work under her belt, such as King of Queens, Two and a half Men, Modern Family and Melissa and Joey.

But her most notable roles so far have been those of Abby Carlton on the Young and the Restless and Kiki Jerome on General Hospital.

We are very excited to welcome Hayley and her inside knowledge and cannot wait to see what juicy secrets of Taylor's might await us at her panel.

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Hayley Erin

The Perfect Liars - Chris Mason - The Perfectionists