Perfect Liars - Evan Bittencourt

We are absolutely delighted to have Evan with us. He is one of four 'The Perfectionists' main cast members

Evan Bittencourt portrays Andrew the boyfriend of Dylan Walker in 'Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists' and will appear from the first episode on

We are curious about his part and can't wait to meet him at the Perfect Liars Convention

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We are looking forward to the Perfect Liars Convention with you!

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Evan Bittencourt

Lucas Gottesman is a bullying victim of Alison who was blackmailed to help Team A. He was bullied by her every day, so he hates her abysmally. He is currently being taught at home because he has not felt safe at school since Mona returned to Rosewood High School. Later, he's a game developer who plans to run a company with Hanna.

He looks inconspicuous and reserved, has brown eyes and brown curly hair. His stature is reminiscent of a nerd who is not very well trained. He has a gentle, friendly and bright face and wears a "three-day beard" in the fifth season which makes him look much older.

His personality, especially his self-confidence, has suffered quite a bit under the rule of Alison. He pretty much doubts himself and hides in his work in the media room. But behind this despair he is a nice, open boy with a big heart and dry sarcasm. He would always do anything to protect those he loves. However, he is also undecided and often goes on the defensive instead of going on the offensive.


The Perfect Liars - Evan Bittencourt - The Perfectionists