Perfect Liars - Chris Mason

Evil or misunderstood?

Who might answer this question better than: CHRIS MASON?

We are very pleased to announce that Chris Mason will join us for the PERFECT LIARS Convention on March 21st & 22nd, 2020 🙂

Chris portrays Nolan Hotchkiss in Pretty Little Liars -The Perfectionists- which makes him the youngest member of the mysterious and powerful Hotchkiss family.

Without revealing too much for some of you he is in very close relation to all new Liars, has become a master of secrets and thus the most discussed character in The Perfectionists probably as well. Pulling the strings Nolan Hotchkiss not only unites and splits Liars themselves he does the same to the fandom.

We are pleased to welcome Chris Mason to our Perfect Liars family. We can not wait to see his panels and look forward to all of his answers about Nolan's relationship with the Liars.

Our first question to Chris Mason will be for sure: Evil or misunderstood?

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Chris Mason

The Perfect Liars - Chris Mason - The Perfectionists